Join us on the weekend of 4th and 5th September, not only to compete but also to meet our / your community...

Entry form to download below (PDF or Word version) and to be returned ASAP to

BamBooBay UK Bodysurfing Championships 2021

and/or Euro Bodysurf England 2021


Entry Form


To compete in the BamBooBay UK Bodysurfing Championships 2021, entrants from the UK must be a current member of the UK Bodysurfing Association CIC.


To become a member please go to the UK Bodysurfing Association CIC & Surfing England membership portal:


International (non-UK) Competitors are exempt from the above requirement.


Entry Fees for events:


E1 - BamBooBay UK Bodysurfing Championships 2021 (Saturday 4th September 2021 - Handplane)


E2 - BamBooBay Euro Bodysurf England 2021 (Sunday 5th September 2021 – Open Bodysurf) 


  • £30 for one event (E1 or E2)

  • £50 for two events (Both)




Male/Female event:










E1   or   E2   or   Both




Payment Details:

Bank: Lloyds

Account Name: UK Bodysurfing Association C.I.C.

Sort Code: 30-62-62

Account: 22467868

IBAN: GB68LOYD30626222467868

Reference: Include your event(s) and surname in reference e.g. E1-Johnson, E2-Johnson, Both-Johnson 


Email completed forms to 






EVENT WAIVER: 2021 UK Bodysurfing Championships


The undersigned (the ‘Participant’) desires to participate in the 2021 UK Bodysurfing Championships (the ‘Event’) on September 4th and/or September 5th 2021.


The Participant hereby, as a condition of participation in the Event, warrants and agrees that they (and any persons residing at the same address):


• Have not received any test result indicating that they are currently infected with COVID-19, whether or not symptomatic;

• Are not experiencing any symptoms of COVID-19 as of the date they agree to this waiver; 

• Have not knowingly in the last 14 days been in contact with anyone who has tested positive for or experienced symptoms of COVID-19;

• Understand the potential risks of participating in the Event due to the COVID-19 pandemic;

• Are voluntarily agreeing to participate in the Event;

• Will submit to any and all medical testing and other procedures to test for COVID-19 as requested by UK Bodysurfing Association C.I.C to the extent permitted by law;

• Have followed the governments guidance on international travel and self-isolation if you

have come from outside the UK;


The participant, will as soon as practicable (and in any case, no more than 24 hours after, unless it is the day of the Event, in which case immediate notification shall be required) inform UK Bodysurfing Association C.I.C. if at any time between signing this form and the Event Date (including the day of the Event) they have:


• Tested positive for COVID-19; and/or

• Are Experiencing any symptoms of illness; and/or

• Are uncomfortable participating or cannot participate in the Event.

• Will follow social distancing guidelines.

• Will comply with any reasonable requests in respect of health and safety procedures established by UK Bodysurfing Association C.I.C. for the Event;

• Has not travelled to any country on the restricted travel list


Liability Waiver and Release


In full knowledge and complete assumption of all of the risks, the Participant hereby irrevocably agrees that they shall not make any claim against UK Bodysurfing Association C.I.C. or any of its affiliates, directors, sponsors, successors or other related parties for any injury (including emotional and/or mental distress), illness, damage, loss or harm in connection with COVID-19 or otherwise, resulting or arising out of or in any way related to the Participant’s preparation for, travel to, participation in, appearance in,  provision of services at and/or attendance at the Event.






This Agreement is governed by English law.