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We are a Community Interest Company registered in 2016 with the aim to raise the profile of bodysurfing within the UK.

We are affiliated with Surfing England and are members of the Euro Bodysurf Association and the International Bodysurfing Association.


The purpose of the UKBA is the development, the promotion, the organisation and the practice of bodysurfing with the following goals:

1/ To uphold the values of bodysurfing:

    -  sharing experiences,

    -  respect of each others,

    -  empathy,

    -  friendship between bodysurfers at a local, a national and an international level,

    -  respect and protection of the ocean and the environment,

    -  protection of the beaches and bodysurfing spots

2/ To promote bodysurfing to the widest population, from a young age to anyone

3/ To develop the technical and physical preparation to practice at the best level

4/ To create, implement and promote the bodysurfing rules worldwide

5/ The dialogue and the cooperation with any structure or community, national or international organisation sharing the same goals and the same passion for the ocean, the surf and bodysurfing

6/ To organise bodysurfing events locally, nationally and internationally

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The button below will take you to the membership joining page of Surfing England, whereby by joining, you become a member of the UK Bodysurfing Association and Surfing England through their subscription system.

Our fees have been set at £25 and £15 for under 18’s.




  1. Membership will provide every member with annual worldwide insurance for bodysurfing, surfing, ... (a key benefit of Surfing England Club membership)

  2. Discounts on a number of surfing products – see below

  3. From the £25 total paid, £15 goes to Surfing England – In addition to the benefits mentioned above, we plan to work together with Surfing England to organise all future events (including the Championships).

  4. It remains a requirement to be a current member of the UK Bodysurfing Association if intending to be part of Meet Ups and to compete in any of our Bodysurfing events (nationally and internationnally)


Current Discounts:


  1. Rhino Car Hire 10%

  2. Wavelength Magazine 10%

  3. Surfgirl Magazine 10%

  4. Carve Magazine 10%

  5. Ecoworks Marine Products 10%

  6. Ripcurl Newquay 15%

  7. Duette Beer 10%

  8. Zumajay 5%

  9. Mango Surfing 10%

  10. Nalu Beads 10%


We hope to see as many members as possible continue to support us as we grow the sport both here in England, and the UK!


Andy Bodenham​

An experienced bodysurfer having bodysurfed in many countries around the world, over a good many years. I gained an avid interest in the sport from an early age whilst growing up in San Diego, where I started to hone my skills. Over the years I continued to bodysurf whenever opportunities arose, anywhere and anytime there have been decent swell and sizable waves, gaining further expertise.

To compliment this early interest in the sport, I also became very interested in weather forecasting and joined the UK Met Office straight from school.

I am passionate about bodysurfing, and avidly wants to raise the profile of it internationally. 

Andrew Whitworth

A lifelong surfer and bodysurfer. Normally found in the sea around the Badlands of St Agnes, but will occasionally venture into the outside world.

He has competed at Pipeline and the World Championships in California, but the highlight of his career was appearing as the mystery sportsman on the TV Quiz Show “They Think Its All Over” and being fondled by Jonathon Ross and Boris Becker.

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AU4I3660 2.jpg

Loïc Doison

As far as I remember, I always loved being by the sea and playing on the beach. My first real water sport was windsurfing I started when I was 13 or 14 using my dad’s kit.

Bodysurfing came later after I tried a few other water sports. I first had a go during my lifeguard training in 1998 in the South West of France, I was hooked straight away… Gliding on water and riding waves with nothing more than a pair of fins and my speedos, my full body in contact with the water, finding the right speed and position on a wave to end up with that fantastic barrel vision, just for a few seconds…

Body surfing complimented perfectly my lifeguard career and is continually developing my understanding of the surf environment.

I have been lucky as through bodysurfing I have visited a lot of great places around the world. My best sessions are still the ones I share with a few mates, pushing each other and enjoying the surf together.

Owen Jacka

I spent all my summer holidays as a child in Cornwall and that is where I fell in love with bodysurfing. I was on a boogie board before I could walk.

After moving away for work I returned to the Cornish north coast 7 years ago. I bought my first handplane (a Slyde Wedge) and was totally hooked. I decided to go all-in on bodysurfing. My local break is Porthtowan in mid-Cornwall but always happy to meet up with the awesome members of the UKBA at various beaches as it takes the experience to a whole new level when in the water with fellow bodysurfers. It's something really special and that's why I'm committed to seeing the UKBA grow.

It's all about sharing the stoke! 


Darren Kearney

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